Why Waste?

Low and Behold specialises in resourceful solutions that reduce the impacts of the way we live today. As producers and consumers of goods and services we impact our environment in two ways: firstly by changing the climate through the production and release of greenhouse gases and secondly by depleting valuable resources.

What we intentionally throw away is symbolic of the choices we make about the society we live in, which is why much of Low and Behold’s focus is on what has been traditionally seen as waste, but is better thought of as resource management.

Low and Behold has specialist expertise in understanding resource use, whether that be the materials embedded in a product or the energy needed to provide a service. We work at all points in the system, from the very top, investigating levers to change and advising on policy, to end-of-pipe technology implementation and behaviour change.  We can help you with the feasibility for new ways of processing food waste, using anaerobic digestion, or help broker your materials in order to get the greatest value.  With all our projects and partners, we work to a triple bottom line, ensuring we take account of financial, environmental and social sustainability.

Waste is often the most visible part of our impact on the environment. Low and Behold will help you see the value in what you throw away.

Our Experience
Philippa is a Chartered Waste Manager with over a decade’s experience in the sector.  She worked for a commercial waste and recycling company and a Third Sector network before setting up Low and Behold in 2006… Read more