Recycle Your Unwanted Stationery / T-shirts / Work clothes…

Photo Credit: roebbenaldo via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: roebbenaldo via Compfight cc

Need more space in your storeroom?  Having a clear out?  Coming to the end of a contract and have stacks of branded materials you don’t need anymore?

We provide a cost-effective way to get rid of the stuff you don’t want that is both good for the environment and for local charities.

Our new reuse demonstration project builds on our existing work with businesses, helping them find new homes for the things that they no longer want or need.

Some of the materials we can help you with might include:

  • Workwear and uniforms, included branded items
  • Surplus from sporting events, such as t-shirts, medals and even swimming goggles
  • Old marketing materials and stationery items, such paper, card, old pens and even folders
  • Obsolete printer and toner cartridges
  • Chairs and tables and other furniture
  • Anything else that you no longer want.

Our purpose is to reuse as much as possible by donating these items to charities and social enterprises that can put them to good use.  Any materials that cannot find a suitable charitable home will be sold for reuse or recycled.  We aim to send nothing to landfill.

As part of our service we can come and visit your site for free and advise you on what we can rehome.  We then make all the arrangements to either deliver the items directly to the charities that will use them, or take the unwanted materials back to our depot for rebranding or repair.

From just £64+VAT we can arrange everything, collect the goods, organise delivery and give you the right paperwork that includes telling you where your old stuff has gone.  Get in touch now by emailing and tell us what you’d like us to rehome and recycle.

Our Latest Case Study

Amey in Herefordshire

Working in partnership with Amey when their Herefordshire highways contract came to an end, we were able to provide more than 850 items to local charities and social enterprises. In September 2013, nearly two tonnes of stuff that was no longer needed was distributed to charities in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.  In total items were delivered to five different organisations in the area to be reused.  Some of the items were brought to our site for further processing and to be split into manageable quantities before being sent on to their final destinations.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Low and Behold over the past months. They have helped us re-invest resources we no longer needed back into the local community. Ruth Kinsella, Amey.

We were able to find new homes for more than just the obvious items. For example, more than 100 items of high visibility clothing and work wear were distributed to social enterprises locally and more than 55 reams of paper. Homes were even found for clothing that needed to be de-logoed with local arts and crafts charities. Boxes of miscellaneous staples, cardboard tubes, chairs, plastic crates and boxes of metal key rings were all rehomed in the area. We were even able to donate nine new tins of paint that were no longer needed!