Nov 15 2016

The customer journey for waste

It’s interesting when you start to think about waste in terms of the actual products and packaging themselves. A huge amount of time and effort is spent in R&D at the front-

Understanding waste

Understanding waste
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end of a product or piece of packaging. From researching the product itself, through to marketing, through to the investment in the physical infrastructure needed to sell or maintain it.

Then we have a big grey area. We don’t really understand what people do with stuff when they are finished with it. Where are they? Why are they putting it in that particular bin or littering in that place, or at that time?

Consumer insight is well-understood when it comes to selling us stuff, but less well used when it comes to thinking about how to engage with consumers and products at their end of useful life. We think it’s time to change that, which we are we are developing Binit, as a new stand-alone business. Binit’s vision is a world where nothing is wasted. Want to find out more? Contact Us Get in touch now!

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