Jan 22 2014

Sports Wear Reuse

Happy New Year!


2014 is finally here and our Reuse project is going from strength to strength.

As part of the service we have been able to provide swimming caps to a charity that provides a whole range of swimming activities to disabled children. The swimming caps were provided to us, as they were surplus material from a nationwide swimming event. They were unused, still in their packaging and were in a selection of bright colours.

The aim of the charity is to provide ‘The relief of people with a learning disability in particular by the provision of help and support for them and for their families, dependants and carers, to promote the needs of those with learning disabilities. To provide facilities for physical recreation and competitive sport, or other leisure activities with the object of improving their conditions of life’.

Surplus sports wear from events can be used by a wide variety of organisations from children’s sports teams to social enterprises. If you have any sports wear that could be given a new home please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07800 774 174 or email us at nicola@lowandbehold.co.uk.



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