Oct 7 2013

Reuse in Hereford

WRE7_Aug13Over the past few months we have expanded the reuse service we offer. Our most recent work has been carried out with Amey, one of the most diverse companies in the public sector, which works across the UK designing and maintaining many of the services that people rely on every day. The company provides a range of services including utilities, highways, waste management, rail, justice solutions, social housing and facilities management.

In partnership with Amey’s Herefordshire contract through its entire demobilisation process, we have been able to provide more than 850 items to local charities and social enterprises during September, which added up to nearly two tonnes of material. In total items were delivered to five different organisations in the area to be reused. Some of the items were brought to our site for further processing and to be split into manageable quantities before being sent on to their final destinations.

As part of our service we arrange to visit sites and catalogue items that could be reused. These can range from office equipment to work clothing and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Suitable destinations are arranged in the local area and if possible we arrange for the items to be delivered direct from the site, though in some cases material will need to be brought back to our depot for some further work.

Working on site with Amey we were able to identify more than just obvious items for reuse. More than 100 items of high visibility clothing and work wear were distributed to social enterprises locally and more than 55 reams of paper. Work wear that had been de-logoed and so had holes in it was given to local charities to be used in arts and crafts activities. Less obvious items included boxes of miscellaneous staples, cardboard tubes, chairs, plastic crates and boxes of metal key rings that could all be rehomed in the area. We were even able to find homes for four tins of paint that were no longer needed!

Ruth Kinsella, Amey’s Account Manager in Herefordshire said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Low and Behold over the past months. They have helped us re-invest resources we no longer needed back into the local community. We have always worked hard to minimise waste and operate in a sustainable manner, so this partnership through the demobilisation phase in Herefordshire helped us stay true to these principles right to the end of the contract.”

If you are having a clear out and would like to find out what can be reused rather than thrown away, please feel free to contact us on 07800 774 174 or email Nicola@lowandbehold.co.uk

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