May 31 2013

Rehoming Unwanted Textiles

We’ve had a great couple of months rehoming unwanted items from national events.  Recently this has included 1,500 women’s vest t-shirts and over 600 unisex t-shirts, both from different running events.  These have found new


homes in London and the South East where they are being used in children’s art and sports projects.

For example, one boy’s football team doesn’t have any kit, so they are using our t-shirts, turned inside out!  As many of these items from sporting and other public events are all bra
nded the same way, they are ideal for team activities.

In another case, the charity is using the t-shirts as smocks for art and messy play projects.

We currently have another small batch of approximately 150 light and dark blue unisex t-shirts from a swimming event.  If your charity or school has a project and would be interested in rehoming these, or would be interested in receiving any other items we regularly get hold of, please get in touch with Nicola –

Our service includes all the organising and paperwork and the new items delivered direct to your door!

If you are a business that has a stock room full of things you no longer need and you don’t know what to do with them – give us a call!  You’d be surprised at what we can find a home for.

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