Sep 6 2013

Printer Inks and Toners

HP Laserjet 12ALow and Behold can provide the perfect solution for a wide range of unwanted items. Since 2006 we have worked with a number of high street retailers, banks and event companies, to help them find new homes for materials that are no longer needed, such as branded wear. By using a network of charities and educational organisations we can take items that would otherwise go to landfill.

As part of our latest project we would like to thank Amey for taking part in the programme and for allowing us to take their surplus materials and rehome them with Charities in the local area.  We have had the opportunity to distribute large amounts of material to local scrapstores to be used in arts and crafts projects and social enterprises working with those who are otherwise excluded from the job market. However we do have a number of printer inks and toners still available to be reused.

The inks and toners are available to charities and educational organisations on a first come first served basis. They are free for collection from Leominster Town Centre or they can be obtained for £3 plus postage and packaging.  If you would like more information please contact Nicola on 07800 774174 or email

Printer Inks and Toners 

HP LaserJet HP OfficeJet HP Design Jet HP
128A-Yellow x2 88-Magenta  x6 72-Matte Black  x1 45-Black & 78 TriColour  x1
128A-Black x2 88-Yellow  x1 72- Gray  x1 CB543A-Magenta  x1
128A-Cyan x2 88-Black  x3 CB543A-Yellow  x1
128A-Magenta x1 88-Cyan  x1 CB543A-Cyan  x1
126A-Black x1
125A – Black x2
304A-Cyan x1
304A -Yellow x1
304A-Magenta x1
304A-Dual Pack Black x1
124A-Black x1
12A x1
27A x2
38A x1


Brother Brother Compatible
PC-201  x5 Impega Staples
DR-3000  x2 TN6600  x1 TN6600  x1
DR-2000  x3 DR6000  x1
DR-6000  x2
TN-2000  x2
TN-2110  x1
TN3030  x1


Canon Panasonic Epson
BX3-Black  x3 KX-FA55X  x2 E-013-Black  x1
BX20-Black  x1
BCI-11-Black  x1
BCI-11-TriColour  x1
GP300/400  x3




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