Dec 23 2011

Christmas and Consumerism

Christmas and Consumerism

The consumerism of Christmas always highlights to me the difficulties that we face in reducing our environmental impacts.  Finding resourceful solutions to these problems will take time, but I am encouraged by the increasing role of the circular, or closed loop, economy.

Dec 7 2011

Call for innovative local authorities

Low and Behold is managing an innovation project on behalf of the Local Government Association.  We will investigating the impact of food waste disposers in domestic households; both in terms of residual waste reduction and the impact on the sewage system.

Nov 30 2011

The Catch-22 of Community AD

In early 2008 I came up with what I thought was a  fantastically unique idea to develop a community-owned anaerobic digester in  North Herefordshire.  I thought the idea was so good that I wrote an application to NESTA’s Big Green Challenge for some funding and duly found out that a nice chap down the road.

Nov 29 2011

Binning Bin Taxes

Eric Pickles announced yesterday that the government should treat people with respect as he removed one of the tools that was available to local government for reducing waste In this case localism is perhaps as much a victim in this case as the ‘pay as you throw’ (PAYT) scheme originally proposed by Labour. If we.