Oct 1 2012

What Money Can’t Buy

Michael Sandel Sept 12, Labour Party Conference

Really enjoyed the talk by Michael Sandel from Harvard yesterday. Funnily enough I was relistening to his Reith lectures the other week. I’m a particular fan of the idea that we don’t always want to be consumers, we do actually want to be citizens as well. His idea that we are now living in a.

Sep 4 2012

Pay as You Throw?

Pay as you throw

I know it’s really geeky to take photos of bins while I’m on holiday but I can admit to doing this occasionally because I know for a fact that I am not the only one! So for all you bin geeks out there, check this out. Below ground storage in Ljubljana town centre. Swipe card.

Aug 27 2012

Facebook Friends and Trust

I know I keep banging on about trust at the moment, but Facebook has shown us recently why people are losing faith in the idea of a free market. When Facebook shares were floated, they were bought by small investors and fans of Facebook at $38 a share. It wasn’t only small investors, George Soros.

Aug 27 2012

Transparency and the Electricity Market

A belated comment about electricity markets, which I suddenly realised when I was reading the FT magazine recently. Tim Harford wrote a piece in the Undercover Economist called ‘Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover Price’. The article was about amazon and computer pricing models, but he mentioned the problems of price transparency. As JLF.

Aug 7 2012

The Price of Sport

The price of sport

Last night I watched a Women’s Semi-final football match in Wembley. As someone who’s really caught Olympic fever,even from the Midlands, I was excited just to be there.

Jul 27 2012

Time Called on London Finance

Time Called on London Finance

I’ve read an interesting article in Time Magazine this week, that essentially blames the London culture for the issues that are appearing in the financial sector at the moment.

Jul 3 2012

Responsible Capitalism – who do we trust?

Quote from US President Franklin Roosevelt

It’s been a grim week already on the economic news front, as we bounce from the Libor rate fixing scandal to resignations and fines in the face of wrong-doing.  Just a quick look at this week’s headlines in the FT shows Bob Diamond leaving Barclays, GSK fined $3billion by the US authorities and an ex-Glencore.

Jun 22 2012

Pay – What are you worth?

Pay - What are you worth?

I just started flicking through Merryn Somerset Webb‘s book on personal finance for women (dreadful cover – looks like a chick lit novel and how I hate that genre!).  The first chapter looks like it deals with getting paid what you are worth and it quotes an interesting piece of research from Linda Babcock, a.

Jun 18 2012

Policy Paralysis?

World economy - stuck fast, going nowhere.Copyright, Philippa Roberts 2012.

I saw a fascinating article online at the FT this morning – fascinating in part because of the comments section – about the lack of confidence in policy makers going into the G20 Forum today in Mexico.

Jun 15 2012

Glas Half Full

Glas Half Full

Glas Cymru, the not-for-profit parent company of Welsh Water has announced a massive spending programme for the next three years, which it says will create 1,500 jobs.  Chris Jones from the company says it is able to do this in part because of its not-for-profit model in an article in this week’s Guardian.

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