Jun 5 2013

The Hidden Wealth in Waste

IMG_0553We were rather fortuitously in Local Government House yesterday having the Technical Advisory Group meeting for

the Food Waste Disposer Pilot Project.  It was fortuitous because the LGA was launching its new report ‘Wealth from Waste’: The LGA Local Waste Review.  Not only did I get to bump into lots of familiar faces, I also heard some interesting figures.  For example, the report states that if local authorities were to reduce contamination levels and at the same time share more in of the value of their recycling, the benefit could be in the region of £1 billion by 2019/20.  That’s a great deal of money saved for essentially just looking at one part of the service.

£1billion is an incredibly large figure, especially when put in context with the cuts many authorities are making to services at the moment as a result of the austerity agenda.  Coincidentally, we have been working with the Productivity Department of the LGA on this very issue, so I was very glad to be there for the launch of this report.

More information on the report can be found here.


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