Jul 30 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Low and Behold!

It’s hard to believe, but Low and Behold is actually 7 years old this week.  We were formed back in July 2006 to create and sell organic cotton t-shirts.  The t-shirts are now all sold, but the Fast Fashion project, as it came to be known, as changed and grown over the years.  We began by offering customers money off a new t-shirt if they brought us their old ones for reuse or recycling.  Which they did; to the different festivals we went to, from London to Bristol, Glasgow to Glastonbury.P1000516

Over time, we started getting queries from other businesses, asking us if we could do the same – find new homes for their branded items.  This has now grown and become an award-winning project, where we work with event companies and larger companies to find charities and educational establishments that can find new uses for their old stuff.

While our reuse project continues to grow, the consultancy side of the company takes up the rest of the time.  This week we will be continuing the rollout of our LGA Food Waste Disposer Pilot project, by preparing the public launch at our third trial site.  So while we are there tomorrow, I think we’ll have to have a little celebration lunch.  Happy 7th Birthday Low and Behold!  Here’s to the next 7 years….

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