Feb 11 2016

Finding New Homes for the Orange Gear

I don’t know where the time goes sometimes.  One minute I’ve written something for the website and then next time I look it’s months later and it looks as if we aren’t doing anything.  As I heard someone say about themselves recently, so I paraphrase, Low and Behold is like a duck.  It all looks calm and quiet from the outside but under the surface there are legs paddling furiously.

Crow Scrapstore, Coventry

Crow Scrapstore, Coventry

Last week we cleared PPE from the first of two Siemen’s sites.  This was orange PPE that you will be familiar with if you travel on a train and see the workers alongside the tracks.  It’s all very good quality as the need to be highly visible is great when your work environment is beside high speed trains.  We found some great local homes for the gear after a short and sharp de-branding exercise.  The photo shows the scrapstore at CROW Recycling in Coventry, one of our happy beneficiaries.  Thanks to Nev and the guys for helping us unload on the day.

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