Sep 14 2017

What children think of waste

I’ve been meaning to write this post for years- literally. I went to the Malvern Festival of Innovation a couple of years ago and was talking about waste and the things that can be made from stuff that people throw away. On the day, hundreds of school children came to our Low and Behold stand, and wrote down what they thought the most wasteful things were. Here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing answers.

answer to question about recyclability

answer to question about recyclability


  • sweet wrappers came up a lot- good answer!
  • crisp packets also appeared a few times
  • as did chocolate bar wrappers – maybe this was from around lunchtime
  • shoes, as made from loads of different materials – too often true
  • 2 Baxter College responses were great – uranium and carbon fibre!
  • plastic in its many forms was probably the most popular, from bin bags, to mobile phones and tablets and toys

Glad to see so much awareness of the problems of design and recyclability. Well done everyone!

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