Sep 14 2017

What children think of waste

answer to question about recyclability

I’ve been meaning to write this post for years- literally. I went to the Malvern Festival of Innovation a couple of years ago and was talking about waste and the things that can be made from stuff that people throw away. On the day, hundreds of school children came to our Low and Behold stand,.

Nov 15 2016

The customer journey for waste

Understanding waste

It’s interesting when you start to think about waste in terms of the actual products and packaging themselves. A huge amount of time and effort is spent in R&D at the front- end of a product or piece of packaging. From researching the product itself, through to marketing, through to the investment in the physical.

Jul 21 2016

When did we get so dirty?

When did we get so dirty?

Now that I live near the sea I find myself increasingly frustrated by the amount of litter, especially on the beaches. It is amazing how much it has increased since the holiday season has started as well. I started out wanting to be an environmentalist because of a Leatherback sea turtle project I worked on.

Jun 7 2013

Food Waste at Hay Festival

Food Waste at Hay Festival

Nicola and I had a fantastic day last week volunteering with the Cwm Harry Land Trust (CHLT) at the Hay Festival. CHLT had the contract to deal with all the waste and recycling on the site, so we volunteered on a day that luckily changed from showery to sunny, on the Thursday. We had a.