Aug 1 2017

World Water Week in Stockholm – come and join us

Sea at Branscombe, Devon

Low and Behold will be at the World Water Week in Stockholm over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We’re interested in understanding the different circular economy initiatives that are going on in this sector and the different ways we value water. If you are there, we’d love to see you, so do get in touch.

Dec 9 2012

Fabiana Autumn Article

In September I wrote an article for Fabiana magazine that also appeared on the Fabians website.  The article explains Collaborative Capitalism and can be downloaded below if you missed it first time around. Fabiana Autumn 12 article

Oct 1 2012

What Money Can’t Buy

Michael Sandel Sept 12, Labour Party Conference

Really enjoyed the talk by Michael Sandel from Harvard yesterday. Funnily enough I was relistening to his Reith lectures the other week. I’m a particular fan of the idea that we don’t always want to be consumers, we do actually want to be citizens as well. His idea that we are now living in a.

Jul 3 2012

Responsible Capitalism – who do we trust?

Quote from US President Franklin Roosevelt

It’s been a grim week already on the economic news front, as we bounce from the Libor rate fixing scandal to resignations and fines in the face of wrong-doing.  Just a quick look at this week’s headlines in the FT shows Bob Diamond leaving Barclays, GSK fined $3billion by the US authorities and an ex-Glencore.

Jun 15 2012

Glas Half Full

Glas Half Full

Glas Cymru, the not-for-profit parent company of Welsh Water has announced a massive spending programme for the next three years, which it says will create 1,500 jobs.  Chris Jones from the company says it is able to do this in part because of its not-for-profit model in an article in this week’s Guardian.

Jun 13 2012

Podcast: Changing the Way We Think About Cars – Forever

Copyright Philippa Roberts 2012 Riversimple's car will be a whole lot more efficient than this.

Riversimple – Revolutionary Personal Transport Has Arrived Start: Who, or what are Riversimple? 5 min: What is a hydrogen fuel cell and how does a hydrogen fuel cell car work? 9 min: Mass decompounding explained 10 min: The car company that doesn’t sell cars 12 min: Car materials – carbon fibre versus steel 15 min:.

May 22 2012

Futuristic car, futuristic company

Futuristic car, futuristic company

Had a great morning interviewing one of the founders of Riversimple.  It’s the most inspirational company and one that caught my interest a few years ago because of its open source car design.

May 1 2012

Austerity versus Investment – the double dip answer

ONS GDP and the Labour Market - 2012 Q1 - April GDP update

Last week the ONS released the official statistics that show we are once again in recession.  As the table I’ve copied here, and the explanation summary that goes with this table state: “ output has declined by 0.5 % over the last two quarters.  The economy has not expanded at all over the last year.  Since.

Mar 27 2012

Podcast: The Co-op Approach to Solar

Podcast: The Co-op Approach to Solar

This podcast discusses what you need to do to get a community-owned solar PV project up and running. Ben Whittle and Philippa Roberts talk about the issues faced in Leominster, Herefordshire. Start: How Ben became involved 3min: Why a solar co-op? 6 min: Who else is involved and why? 9 min: How to set up.

Mar 27 2012

Can Community Solar Survive?

Can Community Solar Survive?

I recently interviewed Ben Whittle, a founding Director of the Leominster Community Solar Co-op.  This Herefordshire based community project aimed to put a large solar PV array on the local sports centre; owned and funded by people who lived in the area.  Unfortunately, the launch event happened a matter of days before the Government’s first.