Sep 14 2017

What children think of waste

answer to question about recyclability

I’ve been meaning to write this post for years- literally. I went to the Malvern Festival of Innovation a couple of years ago and was talking about waste and the things that can be made from stuff that people throw away. On the day, hundreds of school children came to our Low and Behold stand,.

Aug 1 2017

World Water Week in Stockholm – come and join us

Sea at Branscombe, Devon

Low and Behold will be at the World Water Week in Stockholm over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We’re interested in understanding the different circular economy initiatives that are going on in this sector and the different ways we value water. If you are there, we’d love to see you, so do get in touch.

Jul 1 2017

Why is the circular economy so exciting?

The circular view

I’ve been working on, and thinking about, the circular economy for the last 2 years. Working with WRc in 2016 and early 2017 gave me insights about how the water and energy sectors work and how they have the potential to move to more circular models. Since then, we’ve been working at Low and Behold.

May 19 2017

Can the energy industry transition to a circular economy?

Can the energy industry transition to a circular economy?

The Circular Economy is a term that is much used right now but not necessarily well understood. We currently live in a linear world. We take resources from the planet, make products and packaging, and then dispose of those resources. A circular economy envisages a world where all resources are kept circulating at their highest.

Mar 7 2017

Circular Economy Innovators’ Challenge

circular economy wrc

The technology start-up scene is thriving. I think this is partly because the advances in IT capability and capacity have meant that we can do so much more now than ever before, but mainly because the support scene for tech start-ups is so vibrant. As someone with a foot in both camps (as a founder.

Feb 17 2017

Quickie survey about Mayo products- help please!

Damson jam jar

Just a quick survey in the link below about Hellmans products. Hellman have actually done a lot over the years to change their packaging to help you get the last bits of mayonnaise out. Interestingly, this hasn’t meant that they sell less mayonnaise, because we all find it easier to get more out of a.

Feb 2 2017

The Future of Waste Management

The Future of Waste Management

I wrote an article back in early December for the CIWM Journal, my professional association’s magazine. I wrote about what I think will be the future of waste management, looking forward to 2030 and what the sector will look like. Interestingly I don’t think I came up with a title for the piece, so when.

Jan 13 2017

Unilever MBA Challenge week at Exeter University

Unilever MBA Challenge week at Exeter University

I was lucky enough to end the year on a high as I was asked by the University of Exeter’s Business School to support the MBA students during their circular economy corporate challenge, set this year by Unilever. The students were given the challenge on Monday morning which was around Unilever’s extensive hair care products.

Nov 23 2016

Circular Economy Opportunities for the Water Sector

Circular Economy Opportunities for the Water Sector

Want to know more about what the circular economy is? Want to understand some of the opportunities for the water sector? Then watch this video that I recorded recently for the Future Water Association in my role as Head of Circular Economy for WRc. Thanks to the FWA for the opportunity, and do check out the rest.

Nov 15 2016

The customer journey for waste

Understanding waste

It’s interesting when you start to think about waste in terms of the actual products and packaging themselves. A huge amount of time and effort is spent in R&D at the front- end of a product or piece of packaging. From researching the product itself, through to marketing, through to the investment in the physical.