Third Sector Support

Third sectorLow and Behold has been working on an innovative project to develop the country’s first community-owned anaerobic digestion plant (AD) in the rural West Midlands.  From late 2010 through to early 2011, we developed the business case, funded by the WRAP-REalliance third sector capacity building programme.  The work culminated in a report: “Community Anaerobic Digestion: The Stages and Barriers to Success.”

The six month support package included building crucial partnerships with local farmers who would both supply feedstock and take digestate, developing relationships with the local councils, potential funders and technology providers and drawing the results of 24 months’ work together into a practical business case and project plan.  Identifying stages of development and key partners has been strategically important and reassures funders and the local community of the depth of knowledge in the organisation.

All information was provided in agreed formats that could be easily used and manipulated by all partners.  This included data formatted to input directly into bespoke computer models.  Our client used the information to change the direction of the project to safeguard the financial and social return on the community investment.

WRAP used the report as a learning tool for other community projects across the country, to promote best practice and ensure public funding is spent efficiently.

“The concluding report provided a clear and concise executive summary with definitive conclusions. The report was written clearly in plain English which makes it easy to read and understand for both the expert and the community groups just starting out.” Mike Falconer-Hall, WRAP