Public Sector Support

Low-Carbon Fuel Security Workshop

Philippa RobertsLow and Behold ran a workshop for Stoke-on-Trent City Council in March 2011.  The authority was exploring energy self-sufficiency as an important element of their economic development plan. The workshop was the first stage of a new work programme and brought together a number of key partners to help them explore their priorities and the opportunities in the area.

The workshop helped the partners from the authorities, LEP, university and business support organisations identify their criteria for success and areas that they needed to consider in the decision making process. Both demand and supply side issues were considered and the areas worthy of further investigated were examined. The workshop resulted in a clearly prioritised plan of action from which to build further work.

As one workshop member commented, more was achieved in the supported and facilitated half-day workshop then would have been achieved in days of meetings.  As a result of the workshop, the council was able to identify a clear path forward and is now one of Nesta’s Creative Councils, pursing this vision of energy self-sufficiency.  Hywel Lloyd has continued to work on the project since the first workshop, providing high-level support, while Low and Behold supports in specific areas including energy from waste.

Low and Behold is keen to develop this workstrand further in other areas.  We would like to work in creative ways with LEPs and local authorities to explore the potential for a low carbon future.