Commercial Food Waste Projects

Strategic Market Scoping Study for Proposed Welsh Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Hub

Anaerobic DigesterBetween April and June 2011 Low and Behold conducted a critical market scoping study for a multi-million pound renewable energy and biomethane (Anaerobic Digestion) project.  The study was an essential part of the business planning process and was able to determine the source, quality and quantity of feedstocks to maximise energy production, provide economies of scale and make the £6.5 million CAPEX project more affordable and cost-effective.

The strategic study included a comprehensive search of a wide range of food waste data, including from our internal databases, client information and external sources.  The data was collated, cleaned and tested for integrity before being presented to our client in a number of easy-to-use formats.  This included mapping of key sites and road distance information in order to plan efficient collection routes and costs, and contact details of those responsible for contracting and interested in the proposed service.

Our client was able to assimilate the data into their business planning to provide reassurance to the Company Directors and financial institutions.  Telephone interviews with key leads meant we were able to prioritise feedstocks and validate the best potential contracts by obtaining signatures on Heads of Terms documentation.  In this way, the study gave confidence and rigour to the financial analysis and helped reduce the risk of this Anaerobic Digestion (AD) project.

Our client was extremely pleased with the volume of realistically available feedstocks identified and the clear and easily accessible information provided in our report.  The information fed directly into board meetings and operational planning and helped secure bank funding.

Low and Behold are widening the scope of these services in response to customer demand, to include studies of land availability and digestate markets.  By working with technical and service partners we can offer a complete service to evaluate and manage the physical inputs and outputs of your AD project.

“Low and Behold’s input was critical to our business case and we hope to work with them again on future AD projects”

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