Environmental Consultancy

Low and Behold specialises in resourceful solutions to reduce the impacts of the way we live today. We impact our environment in two ways: firstly by changing the climate through the production and release of greenhouse gases and secondly by depleting valuable resources.

Waste is often the most visible part of our impact on resources. Low and Behold can help you use your resources more efficiently and effectively, helping both the bottom line and the environment. Read more

Recycle your unwanted stuff

Our new demonstration project will expand on our existing reuse work and examine the potential to increase the scope of materials currently reused from commercial organisations.

That means that all of these items will go to charitable enterprises rather than being thrown in the bin!
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Latest News

RT @CH_EERD @WasteAidUK and @CIWM say 50-70% of plastic in oceans (by weight) is due to mismanaged municipal solid waste in developing countries. Better management could improve people’s quality of life and reduce the quantity of plastic in oceans by half. #WorldWaterDay #GlobalWasteCrisis pic.twitter.com/MSQMoxfZx4

Zero Waste Awards - Bronze winner